Thursday Night Rock Kart League

League Racing allows all the fun of our Club Racing without the logistics of owning a kart.  Using the Rental Karts, drivers compete in three track sessions each night, starting at 6:30pm.

Race for one night, or all 3 Series:
We run every Thursday night, with the year broken up into three 'series.'  Racers will earn points each event, with your lowest score for series being dropped.

Drivers are separated by weight into UltraLight, Light, and Heavy to keep performance even.  This also allows us to give prizes at the end of all three Series for each weight class.

League Membership is not required, but does allow for a lower nightly cost and accumulation of Series Points.  Racers are able to run without Membership, but nightly costs are a little higher.


Optional Annual Membership:
$65 per driver

Weekly fee's:
$35 nightly racing fee for members
$50 nightly racing fee for non-members

10 minute practice/qualify
8 lap Heat race
12 lap Final race
     -extra long track configurations may use slightly fewer laps.

6:30pm Thursday nights


Thursday League Schedule
Spring Series Summer Series Fall Series
Apr 18 June 13 Aug 22
Apr 25 June 20 Aug 29
May 2 June 27 Sept 5
May 9 July 11 Sept 12
May 16 July 18 Sept 19
May 23 July 25 Sept 26
May 30 Aug 1 Oct 3
June 6 Aug 8 Oct 10
  Aug 15  



Racing karts provided.  Drivers must be tall enough to safely apply the brake.  This requires roughly a 36" leg reach, from back of seat to depressed pedal. Most 12 year olds are able. Minors need a parent or guardian to sign the insurance release.  All drivers must wear ankle length pants and closed toe shoes.  Helmet, racing jacket, neck collar, and gloves are provided.

Any problems or issues, please contact us.
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