Summer Rock Kart Endurance Race

Endurance racing is so addictive, we are doing one in August! We provide karts and safety gear, you bring the drivers!

Open to racers 12 years and older, we will have two weight classes to keep competition even.  Teams will weight their drivers, and fall into a class based on team average.

  Light 125 - 190 lbs
  Heavy 190+ lbs

Time: 12pm eastern

     :40 team practice
     :20 break
   3:00 race

Teams are not limited to a max or min size, but we are building the rules to encourage 5 man teams.  Therefore, each team must make 9 pit stops during the race to change drivers.  Engines must be turned off for driver change.  Refueling will only only be done with engine off and driver out of kart, by JET Karting official.

$500 per team

Any problems or issues, please contact us.
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