Tire Policy

Racers have been asking us about our plans for tires this season.  Kris and I have spent LOTS of time kicking around different options.  We’ve looked at the issue from different angles trying to come to the best answer for both the track and racers.

In the past, it has been required that racers purchase tires from the track.  The profit dollars from the sales have gone to creating a better facility.  Once you walk around Michiana Raceway Park, or drive a lap on-track, you see the benefits.  The park-like atmosphere with groomed trees and paddock cleaned spotless.  The buildings, fences, landscaping, and even trashcans that show the time and effort spent on them.  On track you’ll find curbing that was redone, the lines painted to Rotax spec, and run-off areas improved.  This is a beautiful facility.  Tire sales are an important income to continue improvements with.

But, the tire policy hasn’t been liked by all racers, or made newcomers feel welcome.  Kris and I would like to earn your tire business without demanding it.  For 2012, you are not required to club race on tires purchased from the track.  We figure that most racers will purchase the tires they need from us if you see the benefit, and we give you good service.  We aim to prove both.

Please allow us the chance to earn your tire, parts, and service business, as that helps us re-invest into this property.


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