Race #1 details - fuel, tabs, drops & minor release info

Knowing that racers don’t like long registration lines, we’re trying to help you be as prepared as possible.  Here are a few things to make our first race of the season go a little smoother:

WKA Minor Release
As always, WKA requires minors to have a parent/guardian sign the release to get a pit pass.  In the past, we could keep the normal form on file so you didn’t need to fill it out each time you were here.  Now the normal form is good for the day, and you have to have a notarized form to keep it on file.  If you have a current WKA membership card that shows your release is on file with them, we don’t need another.
Here is the Notarized version of the form if you’d like to come prepared.  We will have daily forms available all year.

“Put it on my account”
During the day, many racers like to run a tab instead of paying for every item along the way.  We get it, sometimes you don’t have extra time when you need to put the new chain on!  We will need a credit card on file to start a tab for pit passes, race entries, parts & service work. Hopefully you remember to come settle your tab at the end of the day.  If you forget, we will run the card you have on-file that evening.

2 Drops
We had 3 drops for the Michiana local series on the JET Karting site, but that seems like to many with 10 races this year.  We will have 2 drops for the series in 2012.

Spec fuel for the season is changing for Rotax, Spec Racer, and Kid Kart.  We'll be running the 93 octane pump fuel that we have on-site.  This is ethanol free, and keeps us in step with the Rotax Grand Nationals that we host in August.

Yamaha, Komet, and Tag still will be running Sunoco Standard 110.


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