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League Racing Points

Leagues are a hot program around here!  Check out the points for both Light and Heavy classes.  With normal Thursday nights bringing around 30 drivers, there is great racing for every skill level! 

We have two more in the Spring Session, and then we head right into the Summer Session.  See you soon!


Summer Sprints

The Rock Kart Summer Sprints are on!  We provide karts and safety gear, you bring the driver!

Open to racers 12 years and older, we will have three weight classes to keep competition even.

[click here to sign up]

Memorial Day 'Drive till you Drop'

If you never seem to get enough laps, come take advantage of our special on Memorial Day, May 28th.

We will be open from 10am - 6pm for as many laps as you can handle!

Rock Karts are available for $150/day, Spec Racers are $250/day, or rent our 28hp Rotax karts for $350 for the entire day.

Please call ahead to reserve your spot before we fill up.  Watch your favorite racers on Sunday, BE your favorite driver on Monday!

Track Paving - Leagues cancelled 5/10

We are widening the front stretch to get ready for the HUGE summer of events that is planned.

This will allow for slightly higher speeds through turn 1, nicely complementing the new exit curbing, elevated run off area, and the fence that was moved back.  The wider straight will also make passing easier, and racing should be even more exciting.

Watch for pics of the completed work on our website as they are done.

Club Race Pre-Tech Form

We will be using the Official Rotax Pre-Tech form.  You will need to fill this out and present it to the tech or grid official before entering the track.  Downloading the page and filling it out at home will make the day faster, but we will have forms in the shop.

Race #1 details - fuel, tabs, drops & minor release info

Knowing that racers don’t like long registration lines, we’re trying to help you be as prepared as possible.  Here are a few things to make our first race of the season go a little smoother:

WKA Minor Release

WKA Minor Release

As always, WKA requires minors to have a parent/guardian sign the release to get a pit pass.  In the past, we could keep the normal form on file so you didn’t need to fill it out each time you were here.  Now the normal form is good for the day, and you have to have a notarized form to keep it on file.  If you have a current WKA membership card that shows your release is on file with them, we don’t need another.

Here is the Notarized version of the form if you’d like to come prepared.  We will have daily forms available all year.

Michiana Club Race #1

Race #1 is coming up this weekend, and we are busy getting ready.  I'm guessing you are too!  A couple updates on Fuel, Spec Racer weight, and Rookie engines that will make this weekend more clear:

Spring Sprints 2012

You bring the drivers, we bring everything else at the Spring Sprints on March 31, 2012.  Sign up now for a HUGE day of Rock Kart Racing!

Open to drivers 14 and up, we'll have 7 sessions on track for each driver!  We will run practice, qualifying, 3 heat races, prefinal, and final before crowing this years Spring Sprint Champ!

     1st place  - 3 Spec Racer rentals
     2nd place - 2 Spec Racer rentals
     3rd place  - 1 Spec Racer rental

League Racing!

It's up!  League racing info is final, with Thursday nights all summer bringing you some very cool racing.  We are moving the start time to 6:30 for the spring series, and are looking for input for the summer series start time.  This change will allow more people to get here after work without speeding tickets.

I'm working on the prizes now, a combination of Speed Schools and Spec Kart rental.  It's going to be a great season!

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