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Club Member rebate program

Club Membership has long been needed for season points and a reserved kart number.  We are adding another huge benefit – The ‘JET Bucks’ rebate program.

Any parts that are pre-ordered in the shop will earn a 5% rebate, paid out in JET Bucks.  Pre-orders need to be received by noon EST on Tuesday.  We then charge your on-file credit card, and have the parts ready for you to pick up on Saturday morning.  JET Bucks will be redeemable for anything from JET Karting on-site, except karts, parts, and engines.

Season Passes

Season Pass options are posted!

As always, we are honoring all of the discount certificates that we awarded at the banquet last season from Norway.  While they originally expired mid-March, we can take them until the end of the month this season.

Rock Kart 'Spring Sprints' & events

The 'Rock Kart' Spring Sprints are scheduled, as are the rest of the events for the year.  Details will be coming this weekend, as well as schedules for the Leagues.  We are also working on a date for a summer endurance race.

We are looking at some really cool prizes, and a very well run events.  MRP set the bar high, and we will live up to those standards!


Spring Sprints  -  March 31

Summer Sprints  -  June 2

Rock Kart World Finals  -  September 29

Tire Policy

Racers have been asking us about our plans for tires this season.  Kris and I have spent LOTS of time kicking around different options.  We’ve looked at the issue from different angles trying to come to the best answer for both the track and racers.

Kid Karts

Kid Karters are fast karters, and we will make sure they get laps to prove it this season.  It is our thought that this is a class for learning, and we should be teaching both drivers and crew to run well.  This learning requires laps to teach the driver, tech to keep the equipment even, and season points to allow for year long goals.

Spec Racer

With the success that we have had with the Spec Racer class in the past, we will be offering the class again at Michiana.

Spec Racer has always been about equality of equipment, affordability, and reliability.  And it still is.  This is a critical step for bringing new drivers into the sport.  While we welcome experienced drivers and very much like the speed that they bring, we also know that every track needs a starting point for newer racers.  All drivers need to feel confident in their equipment, and Spec Racer is a class that can deliver that confidence.

Michiana Raceway Park & JET Karting Combine Forces

Shortly after Michiana Raceway Park announced one of their strongest calendar of events in the history of the facility, including the return of the United States Rotax Max Grand Nationals, it was announced that Jet Karting principles, Andy and Kris Finke, will move their operation in and act as managing partners.

JET Update

As you know, JET Karting is looking for a property to move our operation to.  In searching for a place to call home, our priorities are; a racetrack capable of hosting a strong regional or national event, property owners that we are able to have a positive relationship with, and ideally a location in the ‘Route 66’ region.

Kris and I are having discussions with three properties that meet all of these goals.

Once we finalize our location, our whole family is looking forward to welcoming and expanding our racer family at our new ‘home’.

A Sad Day

With great sadness, JET Karting will no longer be operating Concept Haulers Motor Speedway.  Our current lease finishes December 31, 2011.

Kris and I would like to thank all the great racers that have shared the past years with us.  Far more than customers, you have become our ‘racer family’.  We will miss working and playing with you.  The past years will always be a bright spot in the lives of both of us and our kids.  Thank you.

Friday Night League Points Standings

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