Club Racing

Club Racing offers something for every driver level.  Drivers range from age 5 to 75, and have their own karts and safety equipment.

Significant amounts of track time are available in Open Practice, allowing drivers to learn and test in a un-scored environment in preparation for Club Race events.  Many drivers use this to get their high performance driving fix without competing in a Club Race event.  New or less experienced drivers are encouraged to use open practice to become familiar with the kart and track in a low key environment.

Club Race events are scheduled on Sundays through the season.  While Club Races are single day events, keeping of season points allows crowning a champion and runners up at a year end banquet for each class.  We are also host to many regional and national races throughout the season, bringing lots of excitement and great competition to Michiana Raceway Park.

Classes are arranged to keep competition fair and equal, with divisions largely based on age and engine type.  Tire compounds as well as fuel and oil are specified within the rules to keep racers on a more equal level, and keep the cost of racing down.

Does karting look like something you'd like to get started with?  Try the sport with laps in a Rental Kart, or learn from a pro with our Speed School.  When you are ready to get a kart of your own, JET Karting's Pro Shop will be there to set you up with a kart that suits your needs.


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